Thursday, October 18, 2007

Versace – spring 2008

Polo shirts with dress collars; a high-waisted, deep-pleated pant; a jacket with lapels scissored away; suits that closed low with one button; a clutch of belts, buckles, and straps; and an occasional (but judicious) stab of red, were elements of Versace's "New Man". Versace’s men lines have always showcased men in their peek physical form, but this time a serious, more subtle approach was seen on the runway with formal clothes dominating the collection, instead of outfits that would please a “playboy”. If one were to pick just one highlight of the show, it would have to be the perfect formal trousers, flawlessly proportioned, some wide the others, offering cuts to accentuate and flatter, there was one for every one. Versace is out to dress serious men with a serious fashion sense for Spring 2008.

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