Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brangelina hitched???

It appears that Brad Pitt may have made an honest woman out of Angelina Jolie.

The couple that once said they would not marry until all people could marry are rumored to have tied the knot. The New York Daily News has reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wed in New Orleans on Saturday.

This would be the second marriage for Pitt; he married Jennifer Aniston and was no sooner divorced from her when Jolie seemed to be pregnant with their first child.

Jolie has been married twice before including a marriage to Billy Bob Thorton, which surprised Thorton’s fiancé at the time.

Being as the two are also no strangers to divorce, a $200 million pre-nup was supposedly drawn up before the nuptials.

The couple have been inseparable since 2005 and have 4 kids. Jolie is also pregnant and rumored to be having twins.

Whether the couple is really married is up in the air. OK! Magazine reports that Pitt’s reps “have no idea” if the story is true and the original story started at Star magazine, a tabloid not exactly known for being a reliable source.
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adriana Lima for GQ

Adriana Lima for GQ - Hot Hot Hot !!!
pure eyecandy ooo ooo, read the article here.
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Dubai World Cup

The Dubai Racing Club has revealed the final fields for the seven races at the US$21.25million Dubai World Cup meeting, the world's richest raceday, which could see horses representing trainers from as many as 16 countries. click here for the final fields.

60,000 revelers will attend the 13th Dubai World Cup this weekend. Executives and bankers will splurge on $700 bottles of Cristal in the Bubble Lounge champagne bar as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, puts up $21 million in prize money, a record for any race event.

While the Dubai race event is the richest, the Kentucky Derby in the U.S. draws more spectators. It attracted 157,000 people last year, its third-largest crowd.
Away from the horses, the 2008 World Cup Burjuman Style Stakes gives women the chance to flaunt their style in four competitions with a total purse value of $20,000. The winning dress gets $7,000 and the best hat wins $4,000.

The races begin later in the day and will be held at the Nad Al Sheeba Golf and Racing Club

for a background of the races click, and for all the latest action visit

the races start today!!!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Madge goes green!

Madonna takes the cover of Vanity Fair’s third annual May 2008 Green Issue!

Madge’s new album, Hard Candy, will be released on April 29. You know it’s going to be hot!

To listen to Madonna’s exclusive interview that she did with NYC’s radio station Z100 on Thursday afternoon, visit

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Martha & Mariah check out Aubry's ass-ets!!!

Martha Stewart, Mariah Carey & The Trump are featured in the new Macy’s commercial and what do they do? They check out Gabriel Aubry ass-ets! (Yes, Halle Berry’s model boyfriend.) I adore Trump!!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Fetch!" loves Rishi Idnani!

A while back we posted pictures of an upcoming model Rishi Idnani on “fetch!” and quite promptly we received an e-mail from him, thanking us and I personally swooned, what a sweet guy!!! Rishi – we love you and we wish you the best of luck in everything you do!!!

Here's his email to us ::

Thank you so much for putting up my images and labeling me the "Next Big Thing". It's a definitely a great way to start the day!
Hope all is well,

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ashton's Spread-alicios

Ashton heats up the pool on the sets of his latest movie "Spread".

Spread is a “sex comedy centered on a serial womanizer and his jilted lover.” Other pictures include Ashton poolside with an older bikini-clad woman.

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kick and lick like "B"

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Late Bloom-err

Hollywood’s hottest “couple of the moment” Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr go for a Monday romantic dinner in Los Feliz, Calif.

Earlier in the day, Miranda was seen in a sundress, pampering herself with a mani-pedi at the Diamond Nails and Spa. She even drove his car (Audi A6)!

Here’s People’s latest sighting of the cute couple: “Orlando Bloom, sharing a quiet dinner with model girlfriend Miranda Kerr at La Poubelle in Los Angeles. After their meal, the two walked onto the patio, where Bloom warmly greeted actor David Thewlis, who was celebrating his birthday with partner Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) and a large group of friends inside the restaurant. The guys shared an animated conversation, laughing and chatting while Kerr waited patiently. Bloom and his girlfriend then walked over to a nearby bookstore, cuddling as they decided what to buy.”

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the Jo' Bros' dance with the stars

The Jonas Brothers perform their hit song “When You Look Me In The Eyes” and a cover of the ’80s hit “Take On Me” on tonight’s results show of Dancing With The Stars. Watch the video below!

Kevin, 20, Joe, 18, and Nick, 15, also had some sad news to share via MySpace Bulletin:

“Hey everyone! We are excited for you to see our performance on Dancing with the Stars tonight on ABC.

ALSO… We have received some really sad news. Stephanie, one of our Street Team Leaders, passed away unexpectedly last night. We do not have details. She is a friend and faithful part of the JB family. She will be missed more than we can describe.

TONIGHT… we are dedicating our performance of When You Look Me in the Eyes in honor of Stephanie. We will see you in ETERNITY!”

R.I.P Stephanie. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gossip Gay

The studs of Gossip Girl make an appearance at The Paley Center for Media’s 25th Annual William S Paley Television Festival in Hollywood on Saturday. Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley all made appearances.

It was reported yesterday by TV Guide that “a male character on Gossip Girl will be revealed to be of the gay persuasion when the show returns on April 21.”

In the book series, Dan Humphrey (Badgley) played for both teams, so he’s a likely candidate. But my money’s on Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo), Serena’s little brother.
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Hottie Momie

Fashionable chic Taylor Momsen, aka Jenny Humphrey, shoots new scenes Monday morning on the NYC set of her hit CW drama Gossip Girl.
Make sure you peep Taylor’s yellow fishnet stockings. Talk about being fashion forward for a 14-year-old!
Gossip Girl returns on April 21, when one of the male characters on the show will be revealed as gay.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Everyone we want to wish you joy, health and tons of egg hunting fun on this colorful and meaningfully holiday!


The "Paint the Cracked" Campaign

Don’t throw away the cracked egg shells, they feel unwanted and used … be considerate and look within yourself this Easter and give these abandoned, "cracked" egg shells a new lease on life and PAINT THEM!

This is a public service announcement brought to you by “fetch!”

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sony Ericsson Ansel

Currently known in Europe as the K850i, the Ansel (which is what it'll be called when it arrives here in March) just about lives up to its name. While it may not turn you into an Ansel Adams-caliber photographer overnight (or indeed ever), it may well be the best camera phone yet. It sports a five-megapixel processor, real autofocus, a Xenon flash, and even manual camera controls for adjusting shutter time, etc., not to mention the highest color accuracy on the market. In fact, you might as well call it a digicam that also makes calls.

Expect to pay more than $700 at first,

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Beckham honors Pele

David Beckham dines at Nobu after leaving Gotham Hall in New york City on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old soccer stud had attended the event sponsored by Major League Soccer (MLS) Works/World Soccer Foundation/Harlem Youth Soccer Street to Fields.

Becks had the honor of presenting the Achievement Award to 67-year-old Brazilian soccer legend Pele (born Edson Arantes Do Nascimento).

“For me to be here to present this to the greatest sportsmen of all time, I feel particularly honored,” the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder said. “This absolutely is a highlight moment for me.”

Added Becks, “Soccer is a magical game. I’m very confident fans here in America will continue to see that. There’s no reason they can’t be as passionate about soccer as they are about every other sport here.”

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Gossip Girl gets a "Sparks"

Buffy alum Michelle Trachtenberg is joining the cast of Gossip Girl, reports TV Guide.
Trachtenberg, 22, will play Georgina Sparks, a troublemaker from Serena’s (Blake Lively) past. Mischa Barton reportedly turned down the role.
You just know there’s going to be a Blair (Leighton Meester) and Georgina showdown!!!
Michelle’s comeback career since 2003’s Buffy is certainly starting to take off! She’s also starring alongside teen heartthrob Zac Efron in 17 Again, out in August.

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boy and a girl for Brangelina!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having twins — a boy and a girl, reports In Touch.
Brad and Angelina visited her ob-gyn, Dr. Jason Rothbart, for an ultrasound last Friday.
A pal says, “Because she took fertility treatments to help her ovulate, her babies are fraternal. They’re ecstatic. She can’t wait.”
Brad and Angie are reportedly making new plans for their family of eight. Angelina wants Dr. Rothbart to deliver her babies abroad again — Shiloh was born in Namibia, Africa — so the family is gearing up for a move to France. “It means a lot to her to deliver her babies with him, no matter where in the world she gives birth,” a pal says.

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Did Kristin pull a Paris !?

Sex and the City star Kristin Davis vehemently denies a sex tape or even photos exist.

Her rep said, “This is not a photo of Kristin Davis. There is no sex tape.”

But TMZ has the lowdown: “The photos, we’re told, were snapped in 1992 by an ex-boyfriend. That’s right, they are just photos — no sex tape, fellas! According to reports, 20 photos are making the rounds, but actually it’s not quite 20. We’re told the ex-boyfriend was pissed at Kristin and then sold the photos to a third party. The third party got involved in a business venture with another guy and we’re told that guy pilfered the pics and they ended up online. Classy, huh?”

Conveniently, Sex and the City: The Movie is right around the corner. It opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, May 30.

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Leighton & Donatella hit NYC

Leighton Meester rubs shoulders with designer Donatella Versace at the Barney’s New York launch of Versace menswear on Tuesday in New York City.

Of course Gossip Girl’s queen of mean wore the designer’s threads in the form of a gorgeously draped blue dress. Leighton finished off her look with white hot accessories — pointy pumps, studded clutch and matching wristband.

Blair Waldorf and the gang returns with new eps on April 21.

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Katie pour Armani

Katie Holmes‘ foray into fashion is just around the corner as she will release her own clothing line called Katie Holmes for Armani, reports OK!

Using daughter Suri, 23 months, as inspiration, Katie’s first collection, out spring 2009, will be designed for toddlers.

But that’s not all! Mrs. Cruise, 29, will then create a line for older children for Fall 2009 and then women’s clothes and handbags for Fall 2010.

Katie Holmes For Armani will be available at department stores including Saks, Barney’s, and Neiman Marcus.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ford's Ancillary Collection

If Tom Ford's namesake cologne is the hard stuff, now there's a (relatively) cheaper gateway drug: the designer's five-product grooming line, dubbed the Ancillary Collection and out now. So, how's it work? Like the cologne, the soaps have a subtle scent—in fact, the liquid aftershave is essentially the fragrance diffused with water. The other aftershave (yes, there are two) is creamy and delicate, thanks to its aloe base, while the moisturizer, though oil-based, happily don't leave much in the way of residue. The shower gel is, well, a shower gel—mild and serviceable. But the sleeper hit should be the soap—the caramel-colored bar is made with shea butter and activated charcoal (which helps skin keep its natural moisture) for a soft, exfoliating feel. More importantly: At 18 bucks, it's the cheapest Tom Ford item money can buy.

Tom Ford for Men Ancillary Collection, cleansing bar, $18; aftershave splash, $52; aftershave balm, $40; shower gel, $30; and hydrating emulsion, $34; Tom Ford, 845 Madison Ave., NYC, (212) 359-0300,

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The Upgrader / Style , draw the line between casual and smart and urge all mankind to stop mixing the two styles ... To show us, what we have been doing wrong here are the slides via photographed by Chris Astley.

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The Gossip-ies and their goodlooking-ness!

Ya well, you find better words! I think Gossip Girl has the best looking cast on TV! ohhhhh Chase, I love you!

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