Friday, October 26, 2007

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 6, "The Handmaiden's Tale"

This episode of the ever-complicated and pretty awesome Gossip Girl made me very happy that I don't do a traditional recap. Could things have gotten more convoluted at those parties? I would never be able to explain all that, but gotta love it. I'm back to being team everyone, but perhaps most of all Vanessa, who is fabulous.Here's what went down:


So, which party looked more fun? The "kids" masquerade ball or the parents' hookah-having Moroccan themed event? Both were all sorts of decadent...and full of scandal. Delicious scandal.

Dan is a bad liar. Hopefully he learned his lesson considering he got caught in every fib he told. Maybe he's just naive. Pretty much he and Serena just like to make out, right? No judgment. Heck, they're high school students; it makes sense. Way more than can be said about Blair and Nate.

Speaking of the Archibalds, um, way to step up the substance abuse by bringing in the cocaine! And they weren't even shy about Chuck wanting some, and Serena talking about parents doing it in the roaring '90s. Usually the TV isn't so nonchalant about the more serious drugs.

So over/under on Mr. Archibald being at the ol' Ostroff Center? Two episodes. Over/under on Serena/Dan making out being interrupted by their parents making out? Four episodes. Anyone else got any wagers?
Serena is well-intentioned, but still selfish. I mean, she took Blair's boyfriend's virginity, the least she could do is be a good sport about the Handmaiden thing. Can't stay mad at her though, she didn't really do anything wrong this time. Heck, even Blair was only really bitchy to Jenny about coming to the party and that's just standard high school pettiness.

Finally the blog gets some screen time. I know I was down on gossip girl herself at the beginning, but she has grown on me (as long as uncovering her is never the plot). It's a pretty easy way to progress the story and disseminate information — no complaints here.

ANTM holla! It's cycle 7 winner CariDee English on Chuck's dad's arm...for a second.

Is there anything Jenny won't do? Where did she get all those guts? I like her okay for now, but she totally seems like she has the potential to be evil, even moreso than S or B.

Okay, fine, I still enjoy the parent plotline. Even though Rufus Humphrey is cheese central.

Kinda hilarious that Dan qualifies his love for Vanessa as a "16-year-old" thing. So much older and wiser now that they are 17.

Nate is a little pathetic with his proclamation of love for Serena (or, as the case may be, Jenny, who he thinks is Serena). I wonder how badly that will blow up in his face next episode. Or, will Blair do the typical TV thing and blame the messenger?

What did you think, good episode or too much going on? Anyone enter or leave your good graces? Loving Vanessa as much as I am? And how amazingly awesome do the previews for next week look? Can't wait.

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