Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heroes Rundown Chapter 5: "Fight or Flight"

This week's episode had a couple key things that revived my love of Heroes: Kristen Bell and Nightmare Man. We didn't get to see too much of Elle and her electrifying power, but just the taste was enough for me. Too bad we won't be seeing Elle again for a few episodes, as Bell explained recently.
However, this episode also featured some massive lapses in judgment that I found distracting. More on that later.
I certainly did not miss some of the more tiresome storylines, like the West-Claire stuff, or the Maya-Alejandro drama. Could have done without Niki's issues in this episode, and I'd like to find out where the Monica thing is going, too.
I actually like Peter with Caitlin, I think they're pretty cute. And hooray for some romance on this show that doesn't involve Claire and West!
It’s so good to see Kristen Bell on TV again!
Both Elle and Nathan utter the line, "I can take care of myself."

Lapse of Judgment No. 1: Nathan tells Matt to read his father's mind — with his father right there. If we've learned anything about Matt's power it's that as soon as people know that he can read minds they control their thoughts. That seemed foolish on Nathan's part.
Lapse of Judgment No. 2: Matt takes the handcuffs off his dad! And then follows him around the apartment like an idiot! He later says "I knew this was a con, I knew I couldn’t trust him." Then why did you take off the handcuffs, Matt?!
On the topic of Nightmare Man/Mr. Parkman, his power is insanely cool/scary, making people experience their worst nightmares (or making them think they're experiencing them).
Lapse of Judgment No. 3: Mohinder takes Molly to the Company! Come on, Mohinder!
Does Bob remind anyone else of the dramatic version of Kevin from The Office?
That Parkman/Nathan wrestling match is awesome/brutal/terrifying. See, we need more stuff like that and less of Ando reading scrolls about Hiro's story which currently seems useless.
Who’s Elle’s daddy? My money's on HRG.

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