Friday, October 19, 2007

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 5, "Dare Devil"

Finally, a Gossip Girl that felt more like high school. You know, as long as your high school experience involved nightclubs, dive bars, breaking and entering, and properly made gin martinis. I must have been in a good mood when I watched this last night, because at the end I was solidly liking every single one of the main characters. Yes, even Blair. As usual, the clothes were amazing and the gossip scandalous!

I was impressed/confused at how nonchalant Blair was about Serena missing the big sleep over to-do, but so happy that S and Dan finnnnnaly got that first date over with. Plus, Dan mostly stopped moping, so that's certainly good news.

Little Jenny isn't so innocent anymore. Then again, she never really was. At least she's smart enough to weasel her way out of a sticky situation, even if she's possibly choosing the wrong "it" girl to emulate. I do love her bitchy side — Taylor Momsen plays it well.

Is it just me or did the previews for last night's episode include a shot of Jenny getting into the back of a squad car? Sneaky CW.

So happy to have a whole episode without Nate's clueless puppydog eyes and kinda annoying naivete. But where was Chuck? Seemed like just the kind of girly mischief he would have stuck his grubby paws into.
Even when there was a bouncer involved and Dan outed Jenny for being 14, at no point did the kids get in trouble for underage drinking.
Serena seemed less self-centered this episode, though she does have a pretty holier than thou attitude towards Blair's sleepover considering it was something she probably happily participated in for many years.
I finally warmed up to Dan when he was rambling to Serena's mom. The mole people joke was hilarious. I just can't really get over that he always sounds like his mouth is full when he talks.

Best lines: "Too Beyonce. Too Mary Kate. Too Hannah Montana." And "I don't like vodka." "That's nice, because it's gin. As it should be." And "Turns out my people don't know your people. So either Dan Humphrey is an alias or your son is not very popular."

Little nitpicky thing. There is no way that the security woman at the Ostroff center would call Eric's mom to say he was taken out by a girl who was "young, blonde, and beautiful." Slightly creepy.
Always worth mentioning: Want the hair. All of it.
At what point are Dan and Serena going to realize that their parents know each other? Neither of them thought it was strange that Lily van der Woodsen ran to Dan's dad's place in Brooklyn when Eric was missing? Come on now.
Speaking of which, FINE. You win Gossip Girl. The Lily/Rufus story is cute.
I feel like they are grooming Jenny for her spinoff show, like, tomorrow.

Could this show move any faster? Seriously, slow down, Josh Schwartz.
What do you guys think? Did you like "Dare Devil"? Too over the top? Are you loving Serena/Dan? Newly groomed Jenny? Should Blair watch her back as Queen B? Let me know what you think.
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