Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - review

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.' The first time I read the title all I could say was 'God, how corny is that?!' It was the first sign that my expectations had attained mammoth heights, as pertaining to the Harry Potter series. One cannot help it, actually. Here is an authoress who has managed to the hit the Bull's Eye six times and that too with such artistry that one could only gape with awe. But what about the seventh? With '7' being the most magical number of them all, will J. K. Rowling manage to bind the spell successfully? I remember now how a literary compadre had reacted to the book. She had stayed up all night, standing in line, ignoring the fact that Sabbath meant 'Day of Rest.' After avariciously devouring the book, she exclaimed, "What have you done? Joanne Kathleen Rowling, what HAVE you done?" Candidly speaking, I'm sure a lot of you will probably react on the same lines. I cannot tell you why, though. 'Fetch' isn't a spoiler site...unless we count Sean. However, personally, the only complaint I have against Rowling is that the book ends too quickly. In this case, a protraction would only serve to delight and not depress. But, I do feel that whatever 'decisions' she took, regarding the book, were sensible, expedient ones for they help convey the magnitude of the 'problem' that Harry and the rest of his entourage have to deal with. Moving on,(oh trust me, we have to move on before I reveal more about the story) one is pleased to see the way Harry's character matures, the same can also be said about Ron and Hermione but in slightly different contexts. While Harry reveals a more intrepid albeit angst-ridden side of him, many of the complexities in Ron's character surface. Hermione, on the other hand, is firebrand this time round. I'm sure many will love the dare-devil streak that Hermione imbibes (perhaps from Harry?). Another character that comes as a surprise is Neville...who loses the pusillanimous affectations and metamorphoses into a valourous persona, much befitting his parentage. Luna, as usual, is a delight. Romance takes a back-seat this time as intrigue, deception and high-octane action dominate. Rowling's descriptiveness is flawless; it can even incite imagination in one who is clinically dead! In truth, the final volume is a saga of epic proportions...even the chapter names reinforce this view. For your consideration: 'The Battle of Hogwarts.' Note the effect this produces, it's like perusing a historical record. Rowling chooses a behemothic canvas to paint the final scenes of her delightfully etched tapestry. One gets a sense of innocence lost when she harks back to events in the first book and juxtaposes them with the state of affairs in the final one. Maybe the Letts' people could come up with a Harry Potter revision guide that readers can go through before embarking on the final volume because there is a lot of anaphoric reference to events in the previous books. Overall, the final volume is a pleasing one. The pleasure comes with bittersweet overtones as one laughs, cries and raises his glass to a hero whose greatness will be remembered and cherished till the end of time.

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Versace – spring 2007 (RTW)

‘Eighties galore’- Versace took the 80’s bombshell to new heights, with pieces that although, reminded one of the late 70’s/early 80’s brought into focus the clean perception of glam that the era personified. The clothes made a statement on its own with out being unapproachable, for example the metallic accents, on the cocktail dresses and the gowns that created a juxtaposition of old/new, soft/hard , innocent/experienced, that screamed ‘brilliance’, on Donatella’s part, as the metallic facets were actually made of plastic, thus making it light and incredibly wearable. A certain amount of volume could also bee seen, which was new to the fashion house that earlier showcased women with nipped waists and figure hugging gowns which, in a way continued as Donatella featured structured bras and boned corsets that made a recurring appearance on the runway. Donatella created so many trend worthy pieces for this spring, like the high waist-ed bikini, the bold, graphic prints, and the ‘floating collar’. Donatella played with the eighties fascination for space travel which was reflected in her choice of cuts, shapes and colors which mainly consisted of white with the occasional splash of chocolate brown, faded pink, canary yellow, midnight black and metallic gold for this season.
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LL for Jill

New Jill Stuart ads featuring Lindsay Lohan.

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Sienna Glamazon for flaunt!

Sienna Miller flaunts in the August 2007 issue of Flaunt Magazine, Issue #85.
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Monday, July 30, 2007

A/X - Underwear

Armani Exchange is to launch their all new line of underwear starting September, 2007. The Ad campaign for the launch features model Clint Mauro wearing the latest styles, and if you have what it takes to be the next AX men’s underwear model then click here for the details.
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"slimmming" - Ugly Betty s02

Beautiful America Ferrera is back in that infamous wig and glasses on the set of Ugly Betty in LA. I just devoured through Season One in only a few days, so these pictures are just reminding me how excited I am for Season Two. I definitely see what all the hype is about. And now I hear that Victoria Beckham is going to guest star? I've got a good feeling that the show will be able to keep things fresh and funny. No wonder it walked away with 11 Emmy Nominations including one for America herself. As Posh would say, that's major.

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Comic - Con

Heroes' star, niece and uncle - Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia, aka Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennett, attend along with Gwyneth Paltrow who hyped up Iron Man at the 2007 Comic-Con press panel held at the San Diego Convention Center Saturday in San Diego, Calif.
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Claire exposes sexy back!

Claire Danes stepped out on red in a low slinging little black dress at the Los Angeles premiere of Stardust on Sunday.
The Matthew Vaughn-directed fantasy film is based on the novella by Neil Gaiman. In the film, Danes play Yvaine, a star that transforms into a striking girl.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fashion Files!

Visit every week for our take on the latest collections gracing the runways.

Eve and I bring you the trends, and the runway reviews of Spring 2007 so that you can get a glimpse into the glamorous world of fashion!
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fuzzy Shia!

The 21 year old star of the summer blockbuster Transformers, Shia LaBeouf shows us his fuzzy face at the Los Angeles premiere of Hot Rod on Thursday.
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Alba cuddley with Cook

Jessica Alba cuddles up with co-star Dane Cook to promote their romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck at the 2007 Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday.
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Spice Girls - promo

The Spice Girls have released a new promo to hype up their world tour. The girls look great and hopefully they can spice their comeback.
Geri, Mel C, Mel B, Victoria and Emma added four new shows to their tour Vancouver, Canada on December 2nd and San Jose on the 4th and then Beijing and Shanghai on January 8 and 10.
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Kate Walsh and her privates

Private Practice star Kate Walsh at the 2007 Summer TCAs for ABC held at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“We do see Addison tender her resignation to Richard in the first episode of Private Practice,” creator Shonda Rhimes (pictured above sitting next to Kate) said at the TCAs.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Get the David Beckham look!

Ever since David moved to LA, he has embraced the American, Cargo shorts movement; its been happening for a long time and lets face it, we are talking about LA . So in honour of the Brit, footie, hunk's move we give you a few ideas on how to get the "Beckham look". Now since we live in the U.A.E these pieces can also be found in: Giordano, Splash, Lee Cooper, Pull & Bear, Samuel & Kevin, Springfield and many others more. Since the climate here, is LA x 10; this look clearly is practical, is easy to carry off and it looks good. Go short, simple and sandy this summer!

V-neck and regular, jersy T's
under $20

Abercrombie & Fitch
Nye Mountain
100% sueded cotton, rugged body design, reinforced seam taping, sturdy drawcord waist, subtle nicking, button closure cargo pockets, lined interior waistband, zipper fly, Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit, Imported

Abercrombie & Fitch
Classic Rubber Flip Flops
100% rubber, moose logo, Classic Fit, Imported
Leather Treads

Ray Ban
RB3214-Rimless Aviator
under $100

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Bourne Ultimatum Premiere

Ellen, Ben & Jen came to support their cute friend Matt at the premiere of his latest 'Bourne' movie.
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Beckham goes loco for LA Galaxy

David Beckham watches the LA Galaxy soccer team get their first victory against Pachua 2-1 in their opening match of the SuperLiga tournament on Tuesday The at the Home Depot Centre in Carson, Calif.
Becks was accompanied by two of his kids, Brooklyn, 8, and Romeo, 4, his mom Sandra Georgina West (a former hairdresser) and friends Everton footballer Phil Neville and ex-soap actor Tom Watts.
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Matt gets a gold star

Matt Damon is honored with the well-deserved 2,343th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday in Los Angeles. Not too long ago, he had his handprints and footprints cemented at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater alongside George Clooney and Brad Pitt.
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Milo for TRL

Milo Ventimiglia gets the TRL treatment on Wednesday from MTV VJ Damian Fahey and American Idol guest co-host Katharine McPhee (taped Monday).
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Versace – spring 2007

“Adonis goes to the beach” could have very well been the idea of the show as Donatella showcased a relaxed, de-structured collection, fit for a day at the beach. Versace’s men’s lines have usually provided clothing to suit the tanned and toned but this time Donatella moved away from the crisp tailoring and hard pieces, opting instead for clothes that brought about a sense of ease. Baggy trousers, barely caressing the hips and the deconstructed jackets were the main focuses of the show. Donatella might have mentioned more than once that fashion is all about sex, but this time the sexuality was pronounced in different ways. The loose fabric oozed sensuality when it caressed the hard bodies of the models and the lightness of the fabric (to the point of sheer) allowed the male physique to be framed after all. The daring V-necks and light linens added to the sensual experience making the collection body-conscious in a way, that wouldn’t urge its wearers to run to the gym. On the whole Donatella saw a light, airy, sea side pigmented, wardrobe with a splash of sexuality that one can always expect from the sensual house of Versace for this spring.
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Anne & the L.B.D

Anne Hathaway looked lovely in the all time classic "the little black dress" at the premiere of Becoming Jane at NYC’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Tuesday night.

The 24-year-old actress will play author Jane Austen as this biopic hits silver screens this summer. James McAvoy, James Cromwell and Maggie Smith co-star.
Becoming Jane is slated for an August 3rd release.
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Rossdale pulls a Beckham!

Ice blonde!? First it was the Beckhams and now Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale show off their icy dos while enjoying a regular day at Los Angeles on Monday with (14 months old) Kingston.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Twilight - review + Marius debut!

We at ‘Fetch!’ are glad to welcome our friend Marius; who will enlighten you all with his words, that I am sure will de-shroud the exclusivity of the literary world. The family just keeps growing! - ( s )

Twilight is a young adult/fantasy/romance novel written by author Stephenie Meyer, originally published in hardcover in 2005. The story is about seventeen-year-old Isabella Swan, a girl who moves to Forks, Washington and finds her life in danger when she falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen.

As I checked this item off my Summer Reading List, my mind stumbled upon an old Oliver Wendell Holmes quotation...and I couldn't help but smile in agreement. Would you like to hear it? No, don't answer that! At any rate, here's how the quote goes: 'Love prefers twilight to daylight.' Perhaps the foreshadowing has worked...perhaps it hasn't. The item I speak of is Stephenie Meyer's much hyped 'Twilight.' This 435 page Vampire romance is...odd. How so? Well, to begin with, it doesn't suck! Frankly, the premise of the book disgusted me. The fact that it was 435 pages long also got me pretty hot and bothered. Anyone who has endured even one of L.J Smith's vile 'Night World' puke-pieces will know what I am talking about. You obviously have that one important thematic consideration: Love. And not just any ol' love but FORBIDDEN love. Other cliches like the scandalously pulchitrudinous vampire and the ho-hum plain Jane of a heroine abound. Not to mention how the two fight their 'urges' and eventually give in to the tempestuous force that is LOVE!!! Not sex.

So now you're probably wondering how this differs from any of L.J. Smith's bouts of projectile vomitting. Saying that 'Twilight' does not suck as bad as 'Secret Vampire'(Yes, dear reader, yes. Want to see my emotional scars?) and leaving it at that is a bit of a bitch, isn't it? A rather recondite bitch, actually. But I should stop meandering and address the lingering issue of what works to make 'Twilight' work. Two words: Character Development. Meyer belongs to that breed of writers who, brought up on Bronte and Austen, amalgamate those classy Olde Worlde pretensions into contemporary sensibilities to come up with that recherche phenomenon called an intelligent romance. Yes, romance and that too, a romance that flirts back with elan; in a time when love is nothing but a few seconds of squishy noises. Having said that,one can see that Meyer showers her characters with a lot of love and this feeling is palpable. Why this is judicious is because eventually you begin to see with Meyer's eyes and the vision is an enthralling one. Meyer's prose is lyrical and has true flow...her elegiac prose makes the book slip down as easily as cold fruit punch on summer's day...all this can be attributed to the rather alliterative and assonant nature of many of the sentences. Lexically speaking, it is fairly obvious that Meyer has deliberated over making her heroine, Isabella sound contemporary and the Vampire gigolo,Edward slightly Old World but still approachable. Her lexical choices in several of the descriptions (esp. Edward in the sun) are prudent and convey the beauty of the idea with ease, without overwhelming the reader. With the dexterity of a carpet weaver using a thread of delicately chosen words, Meyer builds up a scorching erotic tension between the couple. The intellectual tone of the book is raised with the many parallels that Meyer draws with The Bard's perpetual tale of star-crossed lovers: 'Romeo and Juliet.' In this aspect, 'Twilight' isn't very in-your-face for subtlelty and sub-text make any romance truly delicious! Those readers familiar with the play will be astounded at the many similarities that they can find in both incident and character. In terms of the protagonists, Meyer introduces us to Isabella or Bella, as she is called. Bella's character shows shades of Juliet. But it is a contemporary Juliet that you will find here -a Juliet who is not all incandescent gloss and beauty but one who can be slightly klutzy and often inarticulate. Yet, Bella can be dazzling in her own way...her levelheadedness and even her coquettishness comes as a bit of a surprise. Let me go ahead and say that Bella has shades of Austen's Elizabeth Bennet. The less I say about Edward Cullen, the better. He's revoltingly handsome and Byronic and I hate him for it. There is also a lustrous cast of minor characters who are as beguiling as they come. 'Twilight' is an exposition; it only introduces you to the characters and seductively hints at the intertwining destinies of Bella and the Cullens. Oh sure it has some (and I say this as delicately as possible) 'girly' parts like Meyer's constant attention to the many anatomical details of Edward's obscenely perfect personage. But on the whole, Meyer avoids the cringe factor with a wide, wide margin (Ms. Smith, do I have your attention?). The novel has the potential into turning into a time-less love legend but only the rising of the 'New Moon' followed by a much-needed 'Eclipse' can be privy to that fact. Meanwhile, put on Skillet's 'Comatose' CD and dig into the guilty pleasure that is shrouded in 'Twilight.'

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Daniel Radcliffe is 18 - Happy B'day

I just wanted to lick him in the latest movie . There is something about him?! Any way; we at fetch! wish Dan the best of luck and all the success!
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Eva is a BeBe!

New black-and-white Bebe Sport ads have surfaced featuring Eva Longoria and two greek gods ( envy!)
The newly Mrs. Tony Parker has been busy shooting the fourth season of Desperate Housewives, just 11 days after her fairytale Parisian wedding and honeymoon at Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean.
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