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Heroes Rundown Chapter 4: "The Kindness of Strangers"

Adding to the mix of this season's superheroes is Micah's cousin Monica who, in addition to having a superhuman go-getter attitude, can also pick up skills super quickly (Wikipedia calls it photographic reflexes). I like the idea of incorporating a New Orleans storyline, but the number of heroes on this show is getting out of hand! We didn't even see anything about Hiro or Peter this week.
We did get to watch as West and Claire grow closer (despite the HRG's ban on dating), Maya and Alejandro encounter Sylar, Angela Petrelli "confesses" to a crime, Nathan shaves his beard (hooray!) and helps Parkman dig deeper into the Company's secrets. Of course, that's not all though, so to read more about this week's episode of Heroes, (spoilers ahead)
So, Molly's still screaming and having nightmares, etc. etc. I wonder if she would benefit from, say, painted walls and an overall less dismal living environment? Just a thought.
I totally forgot that Nathan had kids. And even they hate his beard.

Sure, leave it to the newbies to save Sylar (er, Gabriel Gray now). At least the whole Maya/Alejandro thing is starting to intertwine with the stories of other heroes. I also think it has a lot of potential to be a compelling plotline, with Sylar desperately wanting powers and driving with these two to New York.

Parkman explains to Nathan that his ex-wife cheated on him and got pregnant by the other guy. I am so sure there will be a little half-superbaby in a future episode.

Raise your hand if you are so not buying the Claire-West relationship. Not only does he grate against my last nerve, but I also think West is evil and not to be trusted.

Micah is sort of obnoxious at the beginning of the episode, but I definitely warmed to him by the end when he tries to help Monica. Ditto for Molly who very sweetly helps locate Parkman's dad in Philadelphia even though it terrifies her.

Could Sylar be any hotter in that black undershirt? Seriously?!

Again with the nasty cockroach thing! Why is it that someone's bloodied body doesn't faze me, but add a yucky insect to the mix and it's way too much?

What did you think of this week's episode?
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