Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 5, "A League of Their Own"

How much did I love this week's episode of Ugly Betty? So, so much! What can I say, give Mark a completely endearing romantic interest and I'm sold. The only person whose story is bugging me is Betty herself, but thankfully the rest of it totally makes up for her and Henry being blah. Also, it is just me or is Rebecca Romijn totally carrying this season? Love it.

How is Daniel completely unable to realize what is going on with Mode? Is he more inept than ever? Shouldn't Betty be seeing right though Willie's plot for Meade Publication domination? Or is she keeping quiet because of their rooftop deal? How many episodes before all the truth is uncovered....November sweeps is right around the corner.

Hilda and her cemetery friends were sad/cute. While it's not the most uplifting crown to hang out with (you know, 5 PM bedtime and dentures), at least she can talk about Santos. Hot, hot Santos.

Amanda and Mark were in top form last night. "Hes a 9, I'm a 8" "He's a 10, you're a 6." "You're a bitch, I'm a 7." Also Amanda messing with Betty's online dating was pretty great. Here's to Cliff staying around for a while.

Ugh, so happy that Hilda was finally snapped into realizing what is going on with Justin. I miss fashion-y Justin, so hopefully he can find a way to honor the memory of his dad and memorize all the Spring lines.
Betty's list of things that she can't life without for her dating profile: "Doughnuts, my family..."

John Cho is also a contender for the best new addition to the cast. His one-liners never fail at making me laugh.
Alexis line of the night: "This Golden Boy's gotta go wash ink off his boobs."

Speaking of Alexis, yay for remembering. She and Willie are totally going to have it out sometime soon. And yay for us for getting ringside seats.
So, I give up. I'm never going to like Betty and Henry together. The ending literally had me yelling at my TV. When Betty was all, "Everyone's going to say its a big mistake." Yes, yes it is. Sure he understands her and thinks her quirkiness is adorable, but he just bugs me. Am I alone on that?

What did you think of the episode? Loving Mark and Cliff as much as I am (if that's possible)? Are you swooning over Betty and Henry and I'm just crazy? Is Mode going to keep going under? Man, I love this show.

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