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"Desperate Housewives" Rundown Episode 2: "Smiles of a Summer Night"

This week's episode of "Desperate Housewives" started out with talk about how fake peoples' smiles are in the suburbs. Well, the first season of this show taught us that! Indeed, with a few exceptions, I thought this week's episode was nearly back to first season "DH" quality. And did anyone notice that Eva Longoria's name in the credits is now Eva Longoria Parker? Just an interesting tidbit.

You can catch the entire episode on ABC's website, or if you watched last night, let's discuss when you

Susan — The part where Susan goes to a high school party to retrieve her daughter dressed in little more than lingerie was ridiculous, but otherwise Susan's hysterics are slightly toned down this week. More obnoxious is Mike's snide little comment about Susan's breakfast when she pours on the syrup saying she's eating for two, and Mike replies, "And do you both want to be fat?" Nice. I have to say I liked it when Mike and Julie teamed up a little there at the end after some confusion over who makes the decisions when it comes to Julie's life.

Bree — This plotline involving Bree feverishly trying to find out Katherine's secret lemon meringue pie recipe was classic Bree, and I loved every minute of it. I also thought Orson was actually kind of funny this week! Like when he calls Katherine's pie switch-up "culinary terrorism."

Gaby — I must say, I'm enjoying Gaby and Carlos sneaking around together. I laughed out loud when Carlos dove to the ground and slither-crawled away from being seen by an approaching Edie. Later, Gaby has an unusually serious and emotional scene when she tells Lynette about her father's death from cancer. Gaby doesn't often have these sad, weighty moments, so it was interesting to see a different side of her.

Lynette — This is the one storyline I thought was super lame. Since when does Lynette push people like she does with Gaby, insisting that she come to chemo with her? Anyone could see that Gaby has a hard time with hospitals and it's probably for a terribly sad reason. Lynette forcing Gaby to join her in chemo seems out of character.

Edie — Firstly, I love how Edie was a part of the gang last season while Marcia Cross was off the show having babies, but now the other ladies have no real use for her. Up to her same old tricks, Edie is trying to manipulate Carlos into spending some of the money she knows he has, and in the end she blackmails Carlos into getting engaged, saying that if they're married, she won't testify against him if the IRS investigates his offshore account. And, of course, if he doesn't agree to marry her, chances are Edie will ensure that the IRS comes a-knocking.

Katherine — She's a snake. Swapping out Bree's pie for hers at Lynette's lunch was, in the world of Wisteria Lane, downright cruel. And it becomes clearer that Katherine's been lying to her daughter Dylan about her real father — and her childhood in general, it seems.
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