Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jonathan's Details

Jonathan Rhys Meyers takes the cover of Details magazine’s Holiday issue, which hits newsstands in NY/LA tomorrow, Tuesday 10/30.
On Brad Pitt: “Let’s not kid ourselves—this business is about being good-looking. Look, Brad Pitt is an incredible actor, but do you think he’d be a famous movie star if he didn’t look like that? Come on!”
On Leonardo Dicaprio: “[Leonardo DiCaprio] was successful very young, was a party boy, took two years off, and then became this major Hollywood player. Right now I can get a $5 million film green-lit, not a $100 million film.”
On being a narcissist: “Part of being a narcissist is being terribly insecure. If I wasn’t so insecure about myself, I wouldn’t work as hard as I do. I am constantly seeking approval.”
On staying out of the limelight: “You know why I stay out of the limelight? I always think there will be that time that people will find out that I’m crap at what I do. I think they will figure out I’m crap. Doesn’t everybody have that feeling?”
On what Jonathan Rhys Meyers bellows during the interview: “P***! I want p****! P****! P****!”
Be sure to read the full Details interview with Jonathan Rhys Meyers!

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