Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 4, "Grin and Bear It"

Let's get right to it: last night's Ugly Betty was a blast! That was mostly thanks to Rebecca Romijn who killed it as Alexis figuring out how to put on make up/dress/act/go to the correct bathroom as a woman. I guess then maybe she was in character when she was walking into Letterman yesterday? Ha. On the other hand, Betty herself was disappointing. It was just hard to believe that she would ever, ever do something like that.

Back to Alexis for a second. I love that she thought that she had to use up all the make-up in the containers to get herself ready for the day...and that she didn't wear a bra. Great Amanda line: "Friends don't let friends wear glitter before noon." Such the thing a guy would do in that situation. She and Daniel are so cute as brother/sister these days.
Laugh out loud moment when Alexis has this recommendation for Mode cover girl: "She's big! She's sexy! She's outrageous! Anna Nicole Smith!" Insert awkward silence here.
I've been looking forward to James van der Beek's guest starring stint since I heard about it over the summer. I just wish there was going to be more of him. Bring back Dawson!

As expected, Justin is trying to be all tough just like his dad, failing his classes, drinking beer and making out with girls. Ha. Like he wants to do that. I must admit that Henry was a little endearing as the math tutor trying to work in Justin's love for fashion.

John Cho was a great guest star too, bringing in some of the best lines of the episode ("chillin under Rihanna's umbrella-ella"). If we can't have Dawson, can we at least have more of him in upcoming episodes?

Have I mentioned how much I love Marc and Amanda? "What year were you born?" "1991." "You're 16?" "1992." "Other way."

Sigh, so about Betty lying and saying the bear attack story was hers. So out of character, even if Betty would start to do that, she would so stop herself halfway through. Her guilt was funny enough, but the whole plot line just didn't sit well.

The quest for the Tweety Bird tattoo begins? Will it be Warren Beatty? Ted Kennedy? Who could it be? Ha! Also must heart Amanda finding Ugly Willi. You just know that will become public later sometime.

Willi launching her own Mode competitor is a perfect plotline. Also, all the other Meade Publications editors were fabulous. Yay, can't wait to see what happens with that one.

So Henry is the baby daddy. Can that plot be done now? I know it's just when I started to like him a little bit, but in general he just bugs me. Wishful thinking, I know.

So what did you think? Were you loving this episode as much as I was? Is Freddy Rodriguez coming back? Were you as surprised/disappointed as I was with Betty? Loving Alexis? I wanna hear all about it.
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