Saturday, March 31, 2007

Intense fragrance

Italian design brand Ermenegildo Zegna launched a third fragrance Called Zenga Intenso yesterday in Dubai , the fragrance has 'light' top notes and deep 'dark' finishing notes that tantalize , just like this guy's eyes.

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Beyonce - Kitty kat

This is just a preview , but my this is one rocking video very goldie.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Dangerous liaisons !

The next DH episode is all about sex well here's hoping , but sex or not Terri surely makes a bobo , so watch to see the hot plumber full fill your wet fantasies in Desperate Housewives episode “Liaisons” airing Sunday, April 15 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

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Bloom in the Big Apple

Orlando Bloom was looking out for apartments with his girlfriend model Miranda Kerr from own under gently carying a fragile pup on Thursday afternoon. The yummy pair toured the luxurious Atelier Condos on 42nd St.
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Scarlett fever!

Yummy, curvaceous Scarlett graced the resent covers of VOGUE magazine and this is the hottest cover after the scandalous photo shoot with Tom Ford in Vanity Fair which i will post one of these days so watch out for that.

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13 Oceans !?

Yes another movie to be excited about and this time Al Pacino joins the gang . I loved the first 2 movies and I wonder whether Julia and Cathy will be making an appearance in Oceans 13 releasing 06.08.07 .

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David's midlife Crisis

Well what happened here, usually DB pulls the world by storm with his whacky hairdo s but this one dropped the bomb, I mean what are you doing to him POSH!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My ' 10 things you gotta have'

  1. Levi's® {Capital E}™ Stacked Skinny Jeans : Great dark wash jean and this season skinny is in . ( i am so depressed , for people on the plumier side try the 514 straight cut jean from Levi's)
  2. CK watch : Choose from an excellent range of gorgeous watches on the simpler side . the watch makes the statement.
  3. A plain White(G.A.P) Shirt : is a must have in every wardrobe wear it with a pair of jeans.
  4. D&G signature Fragrance : very captivating , has a great lingering sent.
  5. CK pro stretch boxers : Comfy and soft , hey the inside counts too!
  6. D&G's Signature Sunglasses : Great iconic shades .
  7. I pod : Well everyone has one any way so SCREW YALL ( i want one!)
  8. A Great pair of Loafers : no socks slip on heaven for your feet .
  9. Garnier Fructis : love those apple scented shampoos.
  10. Häagen-Dazs® chocolate chocolate chip : lord lord , yummy is the word , all the better to fit in to those skinny jeans . (wink)

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Goldie thing that points north

Yes ... well I am extremely excited about this movie ( The Golden Compass ) , its going to be huge and Nicole and Daniel pair up along side Eva Green ( Vesper Lynd ) to bring down the house , oh and Nicky and Dany seem to be geting pretty tight in that photo shoot.

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Hypnotic Clive

The British actor joins Lancome ( men) and a stable of other well-known faces in Lancome ads: Top models Daria Werbowy and Shalom Harlow are spokeswomen, and Uma Thurman and Isabella Rossellini previously appeared in ads.
Owen's ad campaigns for Hypnose Homme, a men's fragrance with top notes of mint and cardamom, and Lancome Men skin products will launch in the spring.
plus am sure he'll sell a lot , cuz he's just nice to look at.

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Alba is creamalicious!

Jessica Alba apparently has a huge whipped cream fetish , , just when you thought that she couldn't get , any more sexier , oh, and i think i have a fish net fetish .

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Puss in boots !

Erica pulled a Dominatrix , pole dancing babe in the current episode 'Combat" of Smallville , my did she strut .
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Give the girl a pony !

That was ... well not the hot 'o my gosh kiss' I was expecting, but sexy anyhow, the expression on that guys face was hilarious HA!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kidman's gonna have a kid !!!

“Nicole and Keith are having a baby,” reveals an overjoyed friend. “They’ve been riding on clouds since they got the news. Nicole’s been hoping for this since the day they got married. Everyone knows how she’s been aching to have a baby. It’s all she’s been talking about for ages.”

The girl needs a break with x hubby (Tom Cruise) going mushy with Kat and with Keith in rehab , yeah ! Nicole is a mummy.

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Smooch me , Friend !

Friend Co-stars , Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston will smooch on Tuesday night's season finale of FX's "Dirt," which airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
this is what they have to say

"There is no tongue and it is really not a big deal to kiss," "I am not saying, 'Don't tune in to watch Jennifer on the show,' because she is fantastic and you get to see us together again," Cox said. "But if you think it is just about a major make-out session, you will be disappointed."
this is so HOT!!!!

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Low rise, gives me a high!

The elevator door ‘clinks’ open and in she walks with the ‘tap’ ‘tap’ ‘tap’ of her stilettos , she goes in , way back and her gaze fixes on your perfectly formed posterior , partially peeping out of your low , rise , dark , denim . A certain feeling goes through her , tingling every impulse , her hand moves towards the red ‘stop’ button and ‘click’ , now you are confused , her long silky hair flops down as the lift comes to a halt , she moves closer , gets you shirtless in one swift move and presses her supple , yet firm breast against your toned torso slightly damp from the sexual tension , she pushes your naked back against the cold elevator mirror which now turns foggy and now moving her hand across your hard 6 pack , plunges her warm hand in to your white , sheer briefs , pulls it out unbuttons your pants and unzips it allowing them to drop on to the floor after which :
“Oh! Big boy”
- Oh come on we all know what happens next (wink)
- Now are n’t you glad you wore those low rise jeans to work?

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sugababes vs Girls Aloud - Walk This Way

vs allright this video is cool.

Silver , Bronze or Gold ?

What's there to say , STUNNING i guess . Models displayed signature cuts in the definite colour schemes of silver , bronze and gold . "I just killed a man" gloves, and the skinny tie made an appearance. Dolce & Gabbana didn't stay far away from the drama and the creator's humour were seen in the gold pants and track suits that resembled astronaut suits . Brilliantly cut suits , blazers and leather jackets , along with dramatically vamped up shoes , and cool casuals were the highlight of Do lce & Gabbana's Fall 2007 collection .

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Tom just , just STOP!

As if jumping on Oprah's couch was not enough , Tom is now stalking David and Victoria Beckham in order to get them , to join the church of Scientology . Tom and David have been friends for a long time now , and Tom was one of the firsts to welcome the Beckhams to L.A.
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Tobey's into threesomes

Tobey McGuire has said that he won't return for a fourth film as he feels the third movie has managed to capture the best of 'spidey's' world and that he wants to leave it as a trilogy.

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Milo , Shut up!

Ok never did i think that our very own suffering , burdened , and 'why does it all happen to me?'

hero would pull a pic like this , go Milo !!
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beautiful Liar !!!!!!!!!

Beyonce Beyonce , Shakira Shakira , Beyonce Beyonce , Shakira Shakira , Beyonce Beyonce , Shakira Shakira .

Something or nothing ?

Imagine your with your girl in your room , she is lying on your bed and sensuously moving around along your satin sheets , you are in your boxers and walk up to her while she slowly struts her way to you , in her barley there lingerie , her glare creates immense sexual tension and you lick your lips just waiting to taste her trembling body , now both of you are in bed and she slowly lowers your crimson boxers with her yearning lips revealing your "forbidden fruits" and now the fun begins , pleasure all the way .

Picture this ditto except you were naked. How do you think this would change things and which would you prefer, wearing something or nothing ?

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sexy 'McDreamy'

'McDreamy' is TV Guide's top 40 sexy stars of T.V. Its all about the hair.

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Details , Justin's details

“I could give you a bunch of analogies about why I’m still around that would sound like hippie self-help bullshit, ‘I saw an opportunity and I took it?’ F*** you. Sure, there’s a lot of luck involved. But on some level I have to believe in my ability. And I’m not apologizing to anyone. I worked f***king hard to get here.”

this is an extract from JT's interview for Details magazine , ha!

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D&G 'sexist and violent' ?

This add was removed from Spain after immense protests from Spanish women's groups saying that the add is 'sexist and violent' . What do you think?

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P.O.T.C 3

yeah!!!! i cant wait for the 3rd installment of the movie to come . I want to see Tiadama the witch women who said "you wanta know me" to Orlando bloom she's a hoot.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Anne ? - hats off to you

Anne? - wow I came across this snap and was surprised at her transformation , you know 'teen girl flick' actress to smouldering temptress , she really has come a along way and at this years SAGS awards she gave away the lifetime achievement award to Julie Andrews.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Jesse, you too?

Rehab , yes , rehab - Jesse Metcalfe officially checked into one for drinking one to many , sad really .

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The lowdown on Lindsay

Well apparently she checked into rehab (it's so fetch to get in to rehab i guess 'every one's doing it' ) and then paparazzi clicked a picture of her getting into her car , which had a copy of a book of scriptures from the holy bible . Well anyway she was NOT thinking 'holy' when she did this photo shoot for GQ (April 2007 ) .

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Sammy gets some action!

My My , Sam gets some serious action in last night's episode "Heart" i haven't seen it but look at this screen cap , there should be more partial nudity in "Supernatural" . WOW look at that chest !!!!
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Well my cousin seems to be enjoying her self (read the last post) .
I seem to be swimming in oestrogen you know my cousin Ady and my friend Phoebe , who by the way should be making an entry any time soon . and we will follow this with a bit of info about the three of us .

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Dirty dirty Jared !

Just look at this picture , I don't think that we have ever seen Jared like this , he is smouldering and grimy and being handy . "Yummy Sammy" sure is pushing my buttons . I first fell in love with his floppy hair and tallness when he played Dean in 'Gilmore Girls' and i hated Rory for dumping him ... i mean just look at him , the dirty vest thing is soooooo hot and there is something about his lips that are just so kissable. i came across these pictures and i will try to find out where this photo shoot is from but for now just enjoy.

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Do comment

Tells us what you think of our posts , do let us know .

from the creators,

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eva darling

Eva Langoria is soooooooo hot and adorable . Tiny too. Great in fish net.

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Yummy Sammy

I told you I was going to deliver eye candy. In this episode of "Supernatural" the Winchester boys play pranks on each other, thus resulting in Dean putting itching powder in Sam's clothes. (wink)

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Charlize Theron rocks Dior

You just gotta love this add "gold is cold" ohhhhh.

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I am hating Lana , that puffy faced women is getting on my nerves i personally am on team Lois , hopefully she will make a much needed appearance tonight in 'Combat' .

"Clark and Chloe find an escaped Zoner named Titan who is the star of a secret fight club that puts its death battles on the Internet. Lois can tell that there is a story and goes to investigate, where she is put in the ring to fight. Clark goes in as a super-powered fighter to take on Titan but ends up against a different opponent instead."
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Heroes !!!

The 3 of us are hooked on to NBC's "Heroes" we finally get to see how Peter gets his scar (no thanks to sour puss Sylar ) i cant wait for the next episode.

oh !! and we get to see what Linderman is up to in the next episode '.07%', airing 23/04/07

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Versace tried something new this season and did it well , their usual flamboyant colour palette was thrown out of the window and instead a dark mood set in with models speeding the catwalk with urgent strides and mainly displaying black and white pieces for Fall 2007
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for a view of the complete collection follow the link:

Eye candy !

Thats exactly what i Ady will be providing . Lets start of with my all time fav guys...

Tom Welling and Jared Padalecki.
love them in 'Supernatural' and in 'Smallville'.
...and the next post will surely include more words , am still reeling over the sheer beauty of these 2 .

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