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"Desperate Housewives" Rundown Episode 3: "The Game"

This week on "Desperate Housewives," the neighbors gather together for a rousing game of charades, though several of the women are there out of sheer gossipy curiosity, hoping to use the event as a way to find out more about Katherine's shady past. Aside from the guessing games, we get more Edie-Carlos-Gaby drama, Bree struggling to keep her fake pregnancy from Susan and Lynette's mother finding, uh, creative ways to get her daughter to eat.

Susan — I think it's wise of Susan to veer away from having her neighbor be her OBGYN, and the part when she goes to the sketchy obstetrician (who takes a picture of her with his camera phone!) is pretty funny. Otherwise, there's not much to the Susan storyline this week, besides her confession that she's anxious about having a baby at her age.

Bree — I think Orson's getting some of the funniest lines lately! My favorite was when he suggests Edie not be last picked for charade games in light of her recent suicide attempt. Anyway, Bree has no problem gabbing with the ladies about what she witnessed at Katherine's house, but remains mum on the whole fake pregnancy thing. She comes close to admitting her secret to Susan, but ultimately decides against it. She and Orson learn that Danielle took a fall at the convent while rollerblading, though in the end the baby is saved.

Gaby — Jealousy strikes Gaby yet again when she learns of Carlos and Edie's engagement, so she gets back at Carlos by flirting with Adam, which also succeeds in igniting Katherine's rage. Carlos gets so angry at the sight of Adam touching Gaby that he smashes a glass, which only further endears him to Gaby.

Lynette — Interestingly, Lynette's mother Stella is well-versed in all things "chronic," and decides to score some pot for her sick daughter who has lost her appetite. She has Cooper deliver the pot brownies to his mom who then thoroughly enjoys herself for an evening, though perhaps goes a bit too far when she points to Edie during charades to indicate Hang 'Em High. When she discovers the true reason for her happy state, however, she chides her mother, saying she doesn't want to be a stoned mom like Stella was.

Edie — Despite Carlos' wishes to the contrary, Edie wears her giant engagement ring to charades and coyly alludes to her betrothal to Carlos. This infuriates the supposed groom-to-be, so he makes a phone call to speed things up in terms of "getting rid of Edie." It turns out his cohort in this project is his accountant. Later, he has a little chat with Victor in which Victor casually mentions that he has no problem making people "disappear" if someone were to have an affair with Gaby.

Katherine — Katherine and Adam are tres hostile toward one another, no? It's clear Adam has a checkered past when it comes to other women, so when Gaby flirts with him at the charades party, Gaby and Katherine get into a heated argument. Gaby provokes Katherine until she tearfully tells the room that Dylan's father did the worst imaginable thing a father can do to a daughter. That shut 'em up. Back at the Mayfair house, Dylan and Julie break into the forbidden room full of Dylan's old stuff, but she still can't remember anything from her childhood. Katherine and Adam start clearing out the room for Katherine's aunt's stay, and Katherine reveals that she lied about Dylan's real dad doing that unimaginable thing.

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