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"Gossip Girl" Rundown: Episode 4, "Bad News Blair"

It was another week of debauchery for our favorite Upper East Siders on "Gossip Girl" — well, at least for the boys. Serena and Blair's reconciliation appears to still be in working order after a few road bumps and an understandably wary B. It would appear that these kids never have a quiet weekend just hanging out watching movies with their friends.


It feels so wrong...but is it just me or was Chuck not completely despicable this episode? I mean, sure he was organizing a "Lost Weekend" for high school boys (must keep reminding myself they're only Juniors in HS) to engage in undetermined amounts of illegal activities. But, he saved Nate from a sticky situation, losing some of his prized possessions without even so much as a second thought.

I feel like I am supposed to be on Team Serena, but I can't help kinda seeing Blair's side of things. Though B is no-doubt bitchy, Serena is pretty seriously selfish. And, as Blair pointed out, she doesn't even realize it. Though for a pretty girl, the show did a hilariously good job making it look like Blair can't model to save her life.

This episode definitely had the best one liners all season. Among the highlights, "Be Britney with the car," and "He looks like Matthew McConaughey between movies." Love it.

Nate is so pretty, but so, so naive. Though, I will say I laughed out loud at the character of Carter. We've all met a trustafarian or two in our lives, right? Classic Chuck line: "I don't want to hear about not needing material things from a guy with that much product in his hair."

Love all the times when Serena and Blair are friends. Shopping heals all ongoing feuds between frenemies. Serena is still pretty bossy, and pretty selfish and totally should have realized what was going on with the photoshoot. And she definitely should have been the one to go talk to her friend and try to make up. Blair is pretty forgiving...or so it seems.

The parents on this show suck. I just can't bring myself to care about the Serena's mom/Dan's dad plotline at all. The only one who is even vaguely engaging is Blair's mom, Eleanor Waldorf.

We all knew that one of them eventually would have secret family money problems. Should have seen it coming that it would be Nate. Ruh roh, no trust fund!

Anyone else find Dan kind of annoying? I mean, I know he's enamored by Serena and feels like he is having his heart trampled on, but he's a little self-pitying. That being said, I have high hopes for next episode when they actually go on a date. Perhaps he is capable of having fun after all.
I loved when Dan went to talk to a defeated Blair and she had to get one more half-assed jab in there. Her heart wasn't in it, but she still greeted him with "I usually wouldn't let you this close to me without a tetanus shot." Gotta keep up appearances.

The end was great — finally a fun montage of the girls being slightly bad (stealing all the clothes) and adorable in that appropriately high school way. Hmm, something tells me that's not going to last more than 15 minutes into next week's episode.

No Jenny? Well, it looks like she'll be the star, though possibly in the backseat of a squad car, next week.

What did you think? Were you kinda liking Chuck, or am I totally a pushover? Do you agree at all that Serena is still not the best friend ever, or is Blair too nasty to ever side with? Highlights? Favorite lines?

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