Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gossip Girl revealed

Ben Widdicombe has written a slightly spoilerish piece in the New York Daily News about my favourite guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl so don't read on unless you've already seen the show.

I wouldn't wish to spoil your Gossip Girl viewing. Anyway, he reckons that we're going to find out the identity of Gossip Girl in the show. That is, instead of just having Kristen Bell's anonymous narration, we may have Gossip Girl entering the show as a regular character.

A CW publicist has teased us with the following statement: "We don't know where this rumor came from, but invite everyone to check out Monday night repeats to look for clues to Gossip Girl's identity themselves."

Oh, that's just a sneaky excuse to make us want to watch the show all over again until they come up with some new episodes. Then again, I don't really need an excuse to check out the hot and shirtless Chace Crawford again.

Well, as for who the Gossip Girl could be, Widdicombe reckons that it's Serena's little brother Eric van der Woodsen (played by Connor Paolo). Now, I can kinda see this and I like his character so I'd like to see more of him, but the only thing that makes me hesitate is whether or not Eric was allowed a computer during his stay at that 'facility' after his suicide attempt. In fact, thinking about it, I do sorta remember a scene when he was in his room with a laptop, so he could have internet access. Hmm...

PopWatch has gone further and gone through the list of likely suspects and concluded that it's probably the Minority Twins. You know the ones, the Asian and African-American girls who are never apart and always watching from the sidelines. I dunno though, I reckon those two are only in the show to prevent it from being officially the whitest television show ever.Who knows? It could even be Kristen Bell. Her gig at Heroes was only for thirteen episodes so she could be available. Damn, I can't wait for this writers' strike to end, I want me some more Gossip Girl!
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