Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ellen's New Do

Ellen Pompeo is sportin’ a new hairdo after stopping by the John Frieda salon in the Meatpacking District on Friday.

Famed celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh worked his magic in the salon, lunched at Pastis with Ellen and then went out shoe shopping together!

Josh recently blogged about Ellen:
“Hey everyone, so today I gave Ellen Pompeo a cool new sexy haircut and some sex kitten hilites to go with it! She is very funny and is full of life but of course there was typical madness everywhere after we left the salon with photogs following us around the streets while we went to Pastis for lunch in the meatpacking district in downtown NYC but she paid them no attention to them…she and her husband Chris couldn’t be more down to earth if they tried, they are incredibly generous and kind to everyone around them. She booked me to do her hair for the SAG awards next week in LA, so I am very excited to go out there and showcase her new color and haircut!!! I am so lucky!!! I feel blessed to have the job I have. xxxxoo harry

of Ellen’s new hairdo — YAY or NAY?


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