Saturday, November 3, 2007

Levi's - The Cell Phone !!

First Prada, now Levi's. The jeans maker is to launch a mobile phone, it said this week, but they are remaining tight-lipped about many of the device's capabilities.

While not much is known about the handset specifications-wise, the device is a compact handset featuring a sturdy riveted steel casing. A detachable chain is also included, allowing users to attach the handset to their jeans or bags.

"Technology is at the heart of today's youth culture and mobile phones are the ultimate accessory. Adding a mobile phone to our collection is a natural progression for Levi's, a brand that is driven to meet the desires of young people," says You Nguyen, Senior Vice President of Levi's Product.

The Levi's phone will be available in a range of colors for guys and girls. For guys, metallic silver, black, and brown copper will be featured, while girls can select from more feminine "shiny silver" and "shiny sand" editions. The handset will be available starting September this year.


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