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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 7, "Physical Attraction ... Chemical Reaction"

This week, it really felt like everything was in transition on Grey's Anatomy. After weeks of keeping their affair a secret, George and Izzie finally had the chance to be together. Callie and Bailey reached a breaking point in their co-chief-resident arrangement. Mark developed a new crush. Cristina took steps to erase all traces of Burke from her life. And Derek and Meredith ... well, OK, they're pretty much the same. To talk about the episode, just
Oh, Grey's Anatomy, with your over-obvious metaphors. Did every single patient have to be an example of some sort of magnetism, whether emotional or (groan) actual? And did Izzie really have to say aloud, "Even they have chemistry?" However, if the whole thing was in the service of pointing out that Izzie and George have no chemistry, I can work with it. Somehow I'm relieved that their experience of sleeping together ended up paralleling many viewers' experiences of watching them sleep together: pretending it might turn out OK while secretly wanting to vomit.
So of course, I had to want to slap someone else in this episode instead. Lexie Grey, please come forward! All of these Seattle Grace interns have done inappropriate things in front of patients, but Lexie takes it to a new level. It seems that every time she's on screen, she's having some ridiculously personal conversation at a ridiculously terrible time. It is interesting, though, that she has such a strong desire for approval; that's one character flaw we rarely see from Meredith.
Bailey, meanwhile, has ascended to her rightful place as chief resident. Initially, I thought she was sabotaging things — telling Cristina to get a new specialty, purposely disobeying protocol — to get Callie in trouble; it wasn't until her conversation with the Chief that I realized she said and did all those things because she thought they were right. I was a bit taken aback at her breakdown after the Chief offered her the job, though; of all the things Miranda Bailey would do at that moment, crying was the last one I expected.
Some other thoughts:

So between the awake surgery last week and the myriad brilliant decisions Hahn made this week, she's pretty much God's gift to medicine, hmm? It's made Mark have a crush on her (how awesome was Hahn's list of rebuttals to his attraction, including how hot she looks with her hands on a heart?) and it's made Cristina even more envious of everyone who's blocking her path to cardio.
While I hated nearly everything about facelift woman and the man who couldn't poop — both together and separately — the "I was just thinking about this crap I took in the Army" line cracked me up.
It was nice to have Meredith's problems take a backseat, wasn't it? She was, for the most part, blissfully un-whiny this week. Plus, she got one of the night's best lines: "I saw my half-sister half-naked."
Bailey was making the schedule for December, so we must have made a big leap in time at some point, considering it was just recently Halloween and the new interns started over the summer.
What are we supposed to take from Thatcher being a drunk (other than the almost certain possibility that Mere will find out)? Is this his reaction to Susan's death, or has he always been an alcoholic, dating back to when he left Ellis? I'm sure we'll soon find out.
Your thoughts? Where did Lexie fall for you on the cute-to-slappable scale? How great was it to see Joe's Bar again? And have you ever seen a worse DeNiro impression than the Chief's?
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