Thursday, November 22, 2007

GQ - 007!

James Bond actor Daniel Craig looks très sexy on one of the three covers for the December 2007 issue of GQ Magazine (Kanye West and Bill Clinton are on the other two). Here’s an excerpt from the article:
As told by GQ magazine’s style editor Adam Rapoport: “Standing in a small foyer at the top of a long, narrow staircase, I nervously checked the clock on my Treo, once, twice, three times, wondering just how late Craig would be. Not late at all, it turned out. The door from the sidewalk opened, and Craig made his way up the stairs, sunglasses in hand, wearing a pair of beat-up Levi’s, a distressed James Perse T-shirt, and the kind of no-nonsense stare that said, “Let’s do this thing and get it over with.” Or more specifically, I believe the Briticism he employed was “Let’s crack at it.”
And so we sat down, got the tape recorder out, and started cracking. Was he difficult? Maybe a bit. Challenging? Absolutely. Particular? No doubt.”

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