Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 7, "Victor, Victrola"

Okay, I love this show. It is so much more scandalous than The OC ever was, even during its glorious first season. That being said, this week's Gossip Girl still went for some of the standard teen show cliches. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I love that. This week (since I know you're on the edge of your seat), I'm squarely Team S & B both.

Ah, young love. Nothing says teen like uncomfortable make-out circumstances. Thankfully, when I was in high school, there were no such things as camera phones or gossip blogs.
Chuck wants to invest in a burlesque club. Come on now. "Do you know how long I've been waiting for you to be interested in something other than partying?" No, I don't know! Since middle school? Talk about high expectations. He's still in high school, not still living at home 10 years post-college.
Serena and Blair are kinda awkward besties talking about sex. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed Dan's anxiety fantasies — kinda perfectly age appropriate in an odd way. Big "HA" to him watching porn for tips.

I'm thankful that the Nate's dad drug thing is already about more than that. Not that I wish failure for the Archibald family, but the cocaine thing can only be interesting for so long. Nothing like a good (well, good for the viewer, bad for the family) financial scandal.
When Vanessa comes in the window while Serena and Dan are making out, why does she not leave, like, immediately? I understand that she is supposedly in love with Dan, but I'm starting to not like her already.
Jenny is good to be honest to Blair about the kiss with Nate, but she definitely should have known it would backfire. Thankfully Blair is strong enough to call Nate out on it. I kind of love Blair.
Okay, does Serena kinda talk like she has her mouth full? Or braces? Am I crazy?
Trying on the family engagement ring is a little aggressive, eh?

The father/son relationships on this show could use some work. Especially Nate and his dad. And Chuck and his dad. And I'm thinking Dan and Rufus will hit rough spots, too.
Seems odd that they randomly arrested Nate's dad for hitting Nate. Would the cops really step in like that right away?
Could the Serena getting nervous and wanting to slow down thing have been more predictable? While making out to the sweet tunes of Elliott Smith? I'm not even criticizing. Even a show this risque isn't going to let the sweethearts sleep together before "it's time."
Sad face for Jenny who goes to find her mom. Does that mean faceless mom Humphrey will be showing up next week? To meet Serena while hashing out familial issues?
Gotta love daring, sassy Blair. You know...right up until the point where she decides to sleep with Chuck. Or does she? Certainly looks like it from the promos for this episode and the scenes from next week's. "You can't keep a bad girl down." Ruh-roh.
Oh yeah, and remember that episode when I said I kinda liked Chuck? Um, I'm going to go ahead and take that back.
So what did you think? Were you loving this episode as much as I was? How do you feel about Blair's decision? I'm not sure I even hold it against her. How about Serena and Dan? Teeth hurt from sweetness yet?

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