Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 10, "Bananas for Betty"

While I could spend more than a minute on how annoying it was that last night's episode of Ugly Betty was basically just an ad for 27 Dresses, I will restrain myself and focus on the story. There were three big plots in last night's episode and thankfully they were all pretty fun. Even (begrudgingly) Betty and Henry. Here are my thoughts:
Ah, of course Bradford Meade left a video saying which child he wanted to leave Meade publications to! I mean, it only makes sense considering he was about to get married and all. Uh, just go with it. But was he about to say "my daughter" or "my Daniel"? Apparently, there's only one way to answer that . . . paint ball.
Stop me if I'm wrong, but didn't Betty and Henry used to be all about the quirky outings? Museum of Transportation! And now they're homebodies with themed ice cream/movie nights? Though, for all you Henry swooners out there, how much were you loving all the topless action?
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So the plot thickens with Betty/Henry/Hilda/Gio. I guess I should have seen it coming that Gio was secretly still in love with Betty, but I was excited to see him with Hilda as well. Though, no one will ever be Santos. And by that, I mean as hot as Santos. Swoon.
So, is Gio going to be waiting on the sidelines for Henry to run off and be a father and then swoop in to win Betty's heart? Hmmmm.
The Mode office paintball war was incredible, I loved every second of it. Also, pretty much everything Amanda does is gold. Poor Daniel, he should have been able to see it coming that Alexis would stab him in the back. He's always been a bit too trusting, a bit too naive.
Wilhelmina trying to turn around her image was pretty classic, until she had to go and slam a Golden Girl's finger in the taxi door while stealing her cab. Betty White was hilarious on the show, awesome cameo, and so, so true of celebrities to draw out feuds for publicity's sake. So is that the end of Slater? Yup, but not the end of Willie. Well, not if Bradford's sperm has anything to do with it. Ew, eeewwww.
So I was all wrong about what she was doing in the morgue, but that's partially because my mind would never go there. Wilhelmina is going to knock herself up with Bradford's baby and give birth to a Meade Publications heir. Methinks that Marc will have to be more intimately involved with that process than he would ever want.
Awesome quote No. 1: "Why are you so strong? did they give you super strength when they installed your vagina?"
Awesome quote No. 2, on the paper clip dog shirt: "What? Metallics are back in this year."
Awesome quote No. 3: "It was an Anna Sui. I know I should feel something, but I feel nothing. War has changed me."
Awesome quote No. 4: "Slater is dead, Marc." "Dead?! No, it's all I've got, except for good hair and good clothes . . . and actually you know I'm doing okay. But you, how could you be so calm? You've got nothing."
Awesome quote No. 5: "I could run a magazine better than Martin Luther King, Jr. Jesus? Not so much."
So what did you think about last night's episode? Hungry for ice cream? Henry or Gio? Gio or Henry? Are you surprised by Alexis? What about Willie — is this too low, even for her?
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