Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gone With The Wind! ("Desperate Housewives" #410 Spoilers)

Last Sunday a destructive twister touched down on Wisteria Lane wreaking havoc and shattering lives. But who died? And what happens next? "Desperate Housewives" spoilers ahead.


The conclusion to the 2-part twister episode has already been filmed - it was the last script available prior to production shutdown last month.

As you may have realized John Slattery's character Victor Lang was killed off in a life-and-death battle with Carlos Solis.

You may also have heard that despite the dramatic cliffhanger, Lynette's family survives.

Rumor has it, Mrs. McClusky's friend Ida Greenberg won't be so lucky, and her neighbors will bid her farewell scattering her ashes over a baseball field.

But what happened to Sylvia, the woman - as we learned - Katherine's husband Adam had an affair with?

Although this death has not been confirmed, there is a scene in the sides used in the casting process for episode #410 where Tom and Lynette go to a morgue to identify the body of Annabel Foster who was on her way to visit the couple.

If you remember, Annabel was the woman Tom was flirting with at the office at the end of season 1 (not to be confused with Kristen Warren's Nora who got shot at the supermarket last year).

Now the reappearance of Annabel Foster makes little sense at this point, and I suspect (since audition sides often have changed names to confuse spoiler sleuths) it is actually Katherine and Adam who are asked to identify Sylvia's body.

In a recent interview, Dana Delany revealed the episode ends with Adam finding the note Katherine's aunt left for her daughter Dylan before she passed away. The viewers however still don't learn the contents of the note.

Meanwhile, Gaby and Edie team up in a hilarious race against the time to retrieve something precious (those Cayman island documents perhaps?) under a pretense of helping the neighbors in need.

The Hodges whose house has been badly damaged are staying with Susan and Bree tries to woo a gay contractor to repair the damage on their home free of charge by introducing him to her eager son Andrew.

Finally, Mike seeks help to battle his addiction in rehab, but finds it hard to relate to any of the people and their problems. A woman he meets there offers a helping hand.

NOTE: ABC has yet to decide when they will air this episode. If the writers' strike continues well into the new year, it may be held off until as late as September 2008.The network is however hoping the production will resume at some point early next year, and this episode will be used to anchor the new batch of episodes (be it 14 or fewer).
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