Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The boys loose and the girls win

Big Shots, one of those new shows that I wished would be better than it was, has been pulled from the ABC schedule, effective immediately. It's a curious decision given the writers' strike — the show had three finished episodes that could have aired, and you'd think any original programming these days would be better than repeats.
Not so at ABC, apparently; instead of Big Shots, the network will air repeats of Private Practice in the post-Grey's Anatomy time slot for the next three weeks. (Grey's will be in repeats the whole time, too.)
There's speculation that the move could be a tryout for Private Practice in the post-Grey's time slot, but I really hope that doesn't happen. For one thing, Private Practice seems to be doing just fine on Wednesdays. For another, I think putting the spinoff after the original would just make Private Practice look weak. I already miss Addison at Seattle Grace; seeing the shows back-to-back would only make that worse.
I've already said I'd like to see Cashmere Mafia air after Grey's to take on NBC's Lipstick Jungle. But if that doesn't happen, what about Dirty Sexy Money? It's a good show that's being mostly forgotten in its current time slot, and it shares the soapy tone of Grey's but is different enough that viewers might stick around to watch it. I know I would — what about you?

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