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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 9: "Something's Coming"


This week's episode of Desperate Housewives "blew" me away. As promised, a tornado hits Wisteria Lane, forcing together odd combinations of people and generally wreaking havoc in ways that are shown via laughable animation. All the little arguments and quibbles between the characters ultimately seem quite small "in comparison to the storm." All in all, I really liked this episode, though the ending (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
was a dreadful way to leave things for the hiatus.To check out more of my rundown and to share your thoughts (spoilers ahead),

Susan — Wow, did this storyline make me uncomfortable. However, finally Susan has something real and intriguing going on in her life instead of just falling out of windows naked or whatever stupid antics she always seems to be doing. When she takes away Mike's pills, he becomes agitated and temperamental, eventually causing Susan to fall down the stairs. At the hospital he attacks one of the hospital employees and is handcuffed to a chair. Susan gives him an ultimatum: go to rehab, or she takes the baby and leaves him. "You win," Mike finally says.
Bree — Basically Bree's storyline this week exists to reveal more information about Katherine. I love that Bree takes Sylvia in for tea after she sees the spitty interaction between Sylvia and Katherine. Later Katherine accuses Bree of just wanting the dirt on the Chicago thing (well, yeah, don't we all?) and Bree denies it, saying innocently "I can't help having a sympathetic face!"
Gaby — "Carlos, if you are taking me someplace where I don't need a boa, I don't want to go!" I love Gaby and all her selfish greediness. In an absurd twist, Edie gets her grubby hands on the Cayman Islands documents, and Gaby fights her for them. They are soon swept up in the tornado and the two women are forced to teeter-run in their ridiculously high heels to Edie's crawl space to wait out the storm, hold each other, and confess things. Meanwhile, Victor shows up at Gaby's house (which made me jump a mile), intending to shoot Carlos. After a brawl outside, a very well-aimed piece of fence plunges through Victor's heart. Another piece of debris knocks Carlos unconscious.
Lynette — This story bugged me. As cranky as Mrs. McCluskey can be sometimes, it seems ridiculous that she would choose a tornado as the time to harp on what a bad friend Lynette is. Everything seems unnecessary in this plotline, from Mrs. McCluskey's severe reluctance to let a family into her basement to the whole cat thing. And in the end, with that primal scream that just made my skin crawl, we are left with Lynette frantically looking for her family on a street full of rubble.
Edie — Yet again we're supposed to feel a twinge of sympathy for Edie, despite all the outrageously hateful things she's done, but I'm afraid I'm all out of love for this character. She's extraneous at this point.
Katherine — Finally! We find out "what happened in Chicago." Katherine's husband Adam was accused of sexual assault when he refused to respond to his patient Sylvia's advances. The completely deluded and annoying Sylvia keeps showing up in their lives, insisting that they're in love. Side note: Did anyone else giggle a little when Sylvia was sucked out the door by the tornado? Anyway, Katherine, operating under the belief that Sylvia is merely a lunatic making up fantasies, finds out through Bree that the woman really did have an affair with Adam. I felt truly sorry for Katherine in that moment. Also, how uncomfortable must it have been in that closet when the truth came out? Awk-ward!
Wow, this episode is full of meaty things to tide us over until the show hopefully returns in the spring when (if?) the writers strike ends. What did you think of this final episode of DH?
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