Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Heroes Rundown Chapter 11: Powerless

Here's how I feel upon the completion of the second volume of Heroes: 80 percent annoyed, 20 percent relieved. I'm relieved because this first half of the season is over and now everyone can work on making Heroes good again for the third volume, "Villains." I'm annoyed because — along with being a pretty lame episode — they told us "two heroes would fall" in this episode and there are definitely more deserving victims than the ones who bit the dust this week!
I also feel like this season has been a waste so far. Even Tim Kring has admitted as much, which just frustrates me more. I'm going to have to think long and hard about watching this show again when (if?) it returns in the Spring.
For now, some thoughts on this week's final chapter of volume two:
If nothing else, this week's episode included some playfulness and humor that isn't always present in the show: Maya wearing an apron, borrowed from Mohinder and Parkman, that reads "World's Best Dad;" Nathan and Parkman's rocky landing together; Claire saying to Mr. Muggles, "You won't leave me, will you, Mr. Muggles?" The dog turns and trots away.
I really warmed to Elle this episode. She's getting more character depth, and more to work with besides just making snarky comments and being weird. She seems like such a little girl sometimes and I feel sorry for her.
More thoughts (including spoilers) if you
What does it say about me that I’m still attracted to Sylar even when he’s so horrifically evil? No, actually, let's not talk about it.
Angela Petrelli must have a hard life, being so evil and also a mom.
West, go home!
"Hello, Claire Bear." Awwww!
Monica's situation with the thug trying to set her on fire featured a kind of real-world evil — not superhero comic-book evil — that made me uneasy and scared.
The Peter vs. Parkman mental argument is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. Their jerky heads and contorted faces just look laughably ridiculous.
So, that would make the montage of heroes at the end while we hear a voiceover of Nathan's speech the second dumbest thing.
Maya just carries a photo of herself and her brother in her pocket? At all times?
Nathan: "We’ve been used by these people, manipulated. But it stops here." That's how I feel about this show in general.
This episode was way harsh on the kids: Molly witnesses all sorts of horrible things and Micah watches as the building containing his mother explodes. Sheesh.
Great. Now Nathan and Niki are gone, but we're still stuck with Maya and Sylar (and any number of other unnecessary people). I think they killed off the wrong characters. What do you think?
No more Heroes for a while, guys, so chat it up! What did you think of this week's episode?
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