Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gossip Girl : Episode 14, "In the Realm of the Basses"

It's a new year for the youngsters of Gossip Girl but that doesn't mean much has changed since we saw them last. Chuck's still mean and boozy, everyone still has secrets, and Little Jenny is still caught up with those mean rich girls at school.

Also, Lily and Rufus are still grappling with the fact that they have the hots for each other but can't be together because Lily kept that huge secret from him for 20 years. This long-lost Rufus-Lily lovechild adds a new incestuous-y complication to the on-again/off-again pair, Serena and Dan. It's a little icky to know that your dad loves your girlfriend's mom, but it's super duper icky to know you and your girlfriend share a sibling by blood. Read all about it on buzzsugar!

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