Saturday, January 10, 2009

Anne Hathaway gets Critics Choice Award ...Angelina gets groped!

The big buzz at the 2009 Critics Choice Awards was all about Angelina Jolie, but for two separate reasons — (1) the look on her face when Anne Hathaway got best actress and (2) the look on other people's faces when Brad Pitt put his hand up her dress during a make-out session at their table.

Angelina either was steamed or flat-out gave the stink-eye when Anne rambled on and on in her acceptance speech, depending on which gossip column you read. (Fox says "steamed," E! says "stink-eye.") In Angelina's defense, we do have to say that the speech was a bit of an overshare.
And by most accounts, Brad and Angie might have been better off getting a room. During a lot of that dead time that would have gone to accepting awards, they reportedly occupied themselves by kissing and smooching, even while other people were talking to them. One witness told Us:
At one point, Brad had his hand all the way up Angelina’s dress!"
Hey, we weren't at their table so we can't say. But we hope this isn't a preview of the Golden Globes and the Oscars.


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