Monday, September 15, 2008

Susan's lover???!!!

"Queer as Folk" star Gale Harold got only 5 seconds in last May's 4th season finale of ABC's international blockbuster "Desperate Housewives." But they were the final 5 shocking seconds of the episode. Sunday, September 28, he gets a lot more action with Teri Hatcher as an "even juicier" season of "Desperate Housewives" begins.

Those who managed not to confuse Harold with actor Nathan Fillion, who guest starred last season as Dana Delany's cheating but protective husband, realized he played a new character, who romances Susan Mayer (Hatcher) in 2013, the year the show is infamously leaping to in the upcoming season.

Questions were being asked about Mike's (James Denton) fate. Why is Susan kissing an unknown man in her house, having married Mike in 2007 and given birth to their son the following year? Did something awful happen to the loving plumber, who battled addiction to painkillers this year?


According to early spoilers, Susan will try to hide her relationship with Gale Harold's character, whose name is Jackson, but the truth will of course soon come out. Those who are worried about Mike will be happy to know he and Susan are only divorced and James Denton will be back as regular.

The storylines will deal with Jackson's and Susan's relationship and how it affects her raising her son MJ as well as Mike trying to be involved in his son's life. Jackson will have a secret of his own.

As for the divorce, according to unconfirmed rumors (therefore do take this with a grain of salt), Mike may have accidentally killed someone, leading Susan to a painful decision about her marriage.

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