Monday, September 15, 2008

Lacoste - spring 2009

Leave it to Lacoste to add glamour to sportswear. Designer Christophe Lemaire had a very clear idea of how his show was going to be showcased and with show producer Alex de Betak by his side, Lemaire set the runway for three distinctive divides in his collection. The show started off with pale, sandy toned pieces, flirtatiously cut with a sense of ease in wear, progression took the clothes into splashier, fiery colors thanks to the brilliant corals, faded pinks and salmons, then taking a dramatic shift the clothes devoid of color displayed graphic B/W patters with the likeness of a futuristic mime. The collection managed to sneak in a trend or two especially with the overexposure of ankles being big these days. Lacoste proclaimed that shorts were the way to go this spring and that color or the lack of it was something not to shy away from.

(New York Fashion Week)

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