Friday, September 12, 2008

90210! - L.A’s version of Gossip Girl!

Ok so TV season has started whahoooo! The best time of the year really… where would we be without the crazy antics our favorite characters! Our recent favorite is the much anticipated 90210!
Oral sex in the first episode – promising!
Besides whiney parents getting all hot and bothered about the alleged “girl lifts head up” scene which lasted like about 10sec! (Really get a life!) the teen drama not only premiered to high ratings but it seemed to cement it self as the L.A’s version of Gossip Girl!

I adore the skinny bitches! They rock!
Annie has that “we are not in Kansas any more” expression down to a T, Naomi plays the perfect bitchy mean girl, Silver plays the misunderstood teen with hidden issues!

Ok away from the gals and lets focus on the guys!
My favorite, along with “the next Seth Cohen” potential is Navid! Ethan has managed to piss me off … just like Nate on GG I find his character too iffy, and Dixon is just trying to hard.
LOVE Tabitha! The X Betty Ford-er is seen as a nasty mother-in-law and a dysfunctional grand ma!

I know our posting track has not been the best in recent months but I assure things will start to normalize soon enough so stay tuned to Fetch and go watch 90210!

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