Friday, September 12, 2008

Jonas Brothers & their busy week!

It was a good week for Jonas Brothers sightings, the Bros were recently seen in Britain (umbrellas in hand) along with super cute Demi Lovato… lets take a moment to analyze the clothes; Joe had the all American road trip look down… Kevin channeled the worst of the 70’s and Nick the youngest JB seemed to belong in a Burberry Catalogue!

Besides the clothes the JB’s have recently been at heads with Brit comic Russell Brand for the comments he made at MTV’s VMAs (about the purity rings)
Nick Jonas, 15, said, "I don't know if there is really a positive" to come out of Brand's comments, adding, "He was kind of running out of material after a little while."

The boys, who said earlier that they had no hard feelings over the British comic's comments, expressed even more affection for him. "I'd give him a hug," Joe said. "I think he needs a hug!"
Well I frankly feel that Russell really did run out of material and frankly is jealous that a band of teens make more money than him! Plus Joe has better hair than him (use a comb Russell!)

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