Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jo-Bros rock TV Guide!

Jonas-mania is in full swing!
The Jonas Brothers and costar Demi Lovato take the cover of TV Guide’s latest issue to promote Disney Channel’s real-life movie, Camp Rock, about a troubled troubadour, Shane Gray (played by Joe), who is shipped to teach at a music camp after one too many tabloid antics.
“Our dad says, ‘Live like you’re at the bottom even if you’re at the top,” says Joe, 18.
“Girls chase our cars after shows as it is!” Nick, 15, says with a laugh. “We’ve had a lot of inspiration from girls to write songs. And not all good, either! [Sometimes] bad things happen and it gives you an idea for a song.”
Said Kevin, 20, “We never fight.” Adds Nick, “We work together so much, there’s no point.”
The June 16th issue of TV Guide hits newsstands Thursday, Jun 12th.
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