Friday, May 2, 2008

TV Guide finds GG Beautiful

TV Guide has already published their list of TV's sexiest stars giving "Gossip Girl" cuties Chace Crawford (Sexy Nate), Leighton Meester (Mean Queen B) and Ed Westwick (Sleazy Chuck) a prominent place. Now, People Magazine is following suit with their upcoming "100 Most Beautiful" list adding the entire sexed-up cast along with their invisible narrator Kristin Bell.

The show has been getting a lot of buzz in recent weeks, courtesy of the supposedly scandalous OMFG marketing campaign.

In addition to the aforementioned press there was a Rolling Stone cover, a New York Magazine feature and endless teen magazine coverage.

The show may be pulling in only 2.5 million viewers on TV, but the buzz is everywhere making "Gossip Girl" the hottest download.
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