Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Jumps Time to 2013 (VIDEO)

They did it! As anticipated by spoiler-hunters for weeks, ABC's hit soap "Desperate Housewives" jumped time in the concluding moments of last night's 2-hour 4th season finale (#416-417) revealing a somewhat different Wisteria Lane.

Many of the rumors were true - Bree is now a successful Marta Stewart-type celebrity whose affairs are managed by her gay son Andrew.

I also heard a rumor that either Bob or Lee would be gone, and Andrew would be dating the one who stays (since Bob loves the suburbs I presume it would be him), but we'll have to wait till September to see if that one's true. Bree has however forgiven Orson and she is happy with him.

Lynette may have put an end to Kayla's antics, but her teenage twins have turned into delinquents. We knew those two would always wreak havoc, so it is only logical the show would continue to explore their problematic coming of age.

It'll be fun to see the twins the producers cast over the summer to take over the roles. I would guess the young actors who played them were among those who had to leave the show. At least as series regulars.

Katherine remains on the show and that's a good thing. Dana Delany has been a wonderful addition to 'Desperate Housewives' (has she actually replaced Edie, or is Nicolette Sheridan's hilarious character coming back in the fall?).

Gabrielle's bloated appearance and being a parent to twin girls is just the sort of a comic twist you could imagine befall the self-obsessed material girl. Is Carlos still by her side?

Finally, Gale Harold's ("Queer as Folk") character did (as spoilers claimed) turn out to be Susan's new husband (and no, that wasn't Nathan Fillion as some of those stereotypical magazine-flipping and chips-munching casual viewers may have thought).

The questions remain - what happened to Mike? Is he dead? Who's the new guy? How did Susan meet him? I hear he may be the focus of next year's big mystery. Is he just an obstacle to Susan reuniting with Mike, the love of her life, in the big series finale in 2011 (which I guess would depict events in 2016)?

It's hard to tell by those 3 minutes whether this was a brilliant move on the part of the writers, or the moment which will be remembered as the time when "Desperate Housewives" "jumped the shark."

It will all depend on the execution in the fall and whether the viewers actually care to find out how the ladies got to the point where they are in 2013 (through a series of flashbacks which could still employ some of the actors who left the show).

In any event, I'll be happy to revisit Bree "The Celebrity Mom," Lynette "The Delinquents' Mom," Gabby "The Fatty Mom," and Susan "The Remarried Mom," all living on Wisteria Lane in 2013.



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