Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Parker & Page are Smart

Sarah Jessica Parker and Ellen Page attend the premiere of their new film, "Smart People," at the Landmark Sunshine Theater in NYC.

Smart People is a story about a pompous English professor (Dennis Quaid), who in the years following his wife’s death, has become a scrouge to his students and an emotionally absent father to his rebellious son James (Ashton Holmes) and his perfect preppy daughter Vanessa (Ellen Page). When he suffers a concussion in a freak accident, he meets and unexpectedly falls for a beautiful tough E.R. doctor (Sarah Jessica Parker), a brilliant former student who is still harboring a grudge over a bad grade he gave her years before. Things get more complicated when his slightly shady, n’er-do-well adopted brother Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) shows up, moves in and starts rocking the family boat. As the professor juggles his fractious family and a new romance, he must learn to reconnect with the people around him and become the man he once was.

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