Sunday, April 20, 2008

Addison returns to Seattle Grace

You may have heard Kate Walsh, whose new medical series "Private Practice" won't be coming back before September, is making a guest appearance on the parent series "Grey's Anatomy" May 1. ABC has now released images of Dr. Addison Montgomery back at Seattle Grace, for one episode only.

The reason Addison returns to Seattle Grace is to perform a groundbreaking surgery. In the process, she meets all of her former co-workers, husbands and lovers, and is taken aback by all of the changes in their lives. Not that she didn't have a turbulent fall in her Santa Monica co-op herself.

The episode titled "Piece of My Heart" (2nd of 6 post-strike episodes) airs May 1. "Grey's Anatomy" returns next Thursday, April 24. The 2-hour season finale airs May 22.

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