Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rishi Idnani - Exclusive Interview

Here it is, the Rishi Idnani Interview!!! – from “dosas” to “Zoolander” … we discuss the elements that make up the “Next Big Thing”!

F::You've said "I am mostly Indian and proud of it!" so do you like Indian food, if yes any favorites?
R::I am mostly Indian. However, I am a mut lol. I have some ancestral roots from Persian and Italy. Yes, I love Indian food. From the tandoori chicken and lamb to the mithai (Indian desserts) to the dosa and idilis, I eat them all and do not deprive myself from them. I also have an obsession with Italian food and Japanese hibachi and sushi.

F::Which University do you go to and what's your major? What made you choose it and which comes easier modeling or your studies?
R::I am currently majoring in business (primarily hotel and lodging management) at New York University. I am currently a sophomore and plan to graduate by 2010. Modeling is more of a passion, and I choose it over my studies (skipping a class here or there) almost on a daily basis.

F::What's one thing you love about New York ?
R::I love everything about New York. It's undoubtedly the best and most important city in the world. The food and the nightlife make me never want to leave New York.

F::You're a model, you're into sports, and you have a challenging major, what keeps you going? What drives you?
R::From the castings to the shoots to the classroom and ultimately to spending time with family and friends, I found that my discipline and motivation to always want more have driven me to my success and helped me manage my time.

F::How do your friends and colleagues react to your modeling career?
R::Of course, after watching Ben Stiller's Zoolander, my friends have found it necessary to humor my choice of a career whenever they get the opportunity with constant references to the movie. All in all, my family and friends have been very supportive and respectful of my modeling career.

F::Have you learned anything from the modeling industry?
R::There is a lot of rejection in the modeling industry. If you do not have the tough skin for it, I suggest you do not quit your day job.

F::What to you normally wear? Is casual or smart your style? What's one piece of clothing you cant live with out?
R::In the morning, I find myself usually wearing the same articles of clothing I wore the night before more or less. During the day, whether at class or out and about, I am usually a fitted jeans and t-shirt type of guy unless the occasion arises where I have to be all dressed up. I cannot live, however, without my ripped navy colored True Religion jeans that I have had for 3 years and still fit perfectly.

F::Do you keep track of the fashion industry? If yes, what's your favorite men's wear brand?
R::My favorite men's wear brand has to be Calvin Klein. It's designed sexy yet very neutral with its designs. From the underwear to their jeans, Calvin Klein makes up a considerable part of my wardrobe.

F::Where do you like to hang out ?
R::I love traveling to the beach. I eventually want to visit every major coast in the world.

F::"Boxers or briefs or ... ???" – we had to ask we received 43 emails asking that very question!
R::I am usually a boxers type of guy. Something with an alluring design or colour. But if I see a pair of comfortable boxer briefs, I wouldn't shy away from them.

F::Thank you once again for this interview, what are your thoughts of “fetch!”?

R::FETCH blog is an incredible source for all new and exciting news concerning issues in current events, fashion, cinema, and television shows. I love reading their insights and daily posts throughout the week. This blog is an easy, efficient way to check on what is happening in the entertainment industry when you're always on the run.

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