Friday, April 16, 2010

Alexis Mabille Men's F/W 10.11 Paris

From Alexis Mabille - fall 2010

A good place to start would be the fact that Alexis Mabille’s Fall 2010 show was titled ‘Urban Grays’ and so every possible hue in the gray spectrum was seen on the runway with a select few ensembles showcasing delicate blues and even metallic accents.

While Mabille stuck to his signature tight fits he did also opt for relaxed looks as clearly seen in the cut of the shorts and wide legged trousers. There was quite an interesting mix of fabrics and embellishment, be it the intricately crafted belts, the large safety pins keeping the torso hugging cardigans together or the stand out piece of the collection; a cardigan adorned with button closures; surely the focus was on all the details this season.

This collection also served as a platform for Mabille to showcase his first underwear collection which on the whole had clean lines and simple structuring while being presented in an ever so subdued fetishistic manner.

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The Fashion Commentator said...

I really love Alexis Mabille collections! It's always a big surprise discovering his creations. ;) Bye Alessandro

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