Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alexander McQueen F/W 10.11 Paris

From Alexander McQueen F/W 10.11 Paris

Alexander McQueen's death is a great loss to fashion at large; his final parting gift to the world of fashion was an epic collection filled with what he did best… the clothes were magnificent, intricate and haunting.
Drawing inspiration from the Dark Ages, McQueen was able to translate icons form those times like the stained glass windows and angles of Gothic churches to the Bosch demons into the most beautiful short dresses and draped gowns. His attention to detail, clearly seen in the intricate gilded embroidery, the pleating on the skirts and the bejeweled necklines and shoes are breathtaking.
Gowns of royal reds and satiny blacks were all embellished with ornate gold flourishes while draped gowns of smokey white stood out in contrast still managing to showcase McQueen’s ingenuity and brilliance.

What a great loss indeed.

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