Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dustin Milligan shirtless pour V Magazine

90210 hunk Dustin Milligan, aka Ethan Ward, goes shirtless sexy in this new photo from the upcoming issue of V Magazine.

“I don’t know anything about fashion or looking good,” the 23-year-old Canadian actor tells the mag. “Going out to clubs and trying to grind with the ladies is not really my thing. I like skateboarding and being close to the beach, rather than spending my time recovering from the night before. It will be interesting, because when the cast does go out, there will probablt be some intense attention. It’s knd of nuts. I’m still trying to prepare myself for it, but I’m not really sure there’s any way you can.”

Jacket and pants by Dsquared2.


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Casie Stewart said...

so damn hot

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