Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Alright! Time to do some explaining…but then again do you really want to hear the personal reasons behind our postless blog … I think not … lets just say there was crying, pistol whipping, throwing around Blackberrys … love the drama! SO WE ARE BACK!
Dysfunctional maybe but we know what we like and we want to share all the finner things we love with you all! …
I also want to thank all our readers who’ve just been coming back to see I’f we’ve done anything new and it makes me feel like a shoe that we’ve done such a poor job of the upkeep! … we are in the middle of some life changing decisions (once again shall not bore you with details) but we love the STUFF … we love you all!

Oooo hope you had a very greasy Thanksgiving and oooooooo the season is upon us!

The fetchies!

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