Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ford's Ancillary Collection

If Tom Ford's namesake cologne is the hard stuff, now there's a (relatively) cheaper gateway drug: the designer's five-product grooming line, dubbed the Ancillary Collection and out now. So, how's it work? Like the cologne, the soaps have a subtle scent—in fact, the liquid aftershave is essentially the fragrance diffused with water. The other aftershave (yes, there are two) is creamy and delicate, thanks to its aloe base, while the moisturizer, though oil-based, happily don't leave much in the way of residue. The shower gel is, well, a shower gel—mild and serviceable. But the sleeper hit should be the soap—the caramel-colored bar is made with shea butter and activated charcoal (which helps skin keep its natural moisture) for a soft, exfoliating feel. More importantly: At 18 bucks, it's the cheapest Tom Ford item money can buy.

Tom Ford for Men Ancillary Collection, cleansing bar, $18; aftershave splash, $52; aftershave balm, $40; shower gel, $30; and hydrating emulsion, $34; Tom Ford, 845 Madison Ave., NYC, (212) 359-0300,

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